Use your computer to fix your own vehicles.

Emmy award winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer shows you how to use your own computer to repair your own vehicles. Using software from a company called Autoenginuity, Scotty shows how you can access all the computer information on your vehicles using a simple computer to vehicle interface. For more free car information, or the answer to any of your vehicles questions, visit Scotty’s free website www.scottykilmer.com
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  1. alhkfas on said:

    do you know if you have the ford enhanced program with the auto enginuity, if you can program PATS keys.

  2. scottykilmer on said:

    @theworks9 Yep, they’re complex as hell these days. And some vehicles, such as VWs, will never reset themselves, they need to be driven and manually reset by a mechanic. When they don’t reset in other cars that are made to do that by driving them yourself, something is wrong in the system. something not bad enough to trip a code, but bad enough to not allow reset. Many times it’s bad oxygen sensors , you might check that first. Sotty

  3. theworks9 on said:

    I need help please I keep having cars that the readiness monitors will never get ready to pass emission and they don’t have codes what can I check to see whats not making them get ready by the way the system does goes in closed loop for me all the pid looks fine. thank you.

  4. roarpony on said:

    Cost about 300 basic. This is a diagnostic tool For tuning I use a different software try Flashpro

  5. nightriderdave on said:

    how much is that that be cool to have im into tuning car i like my car to run the best
    it can before i spend my money to fix my car a lot of mechanics are rip offs where
    i live

  6. scottykilmer on said:

    @bcoverss The shifts themselves don’t hurt anything, it’s just how fast you accelerate that can strain the transmission and wear it out. Scotty Kilmer

  7. bcoverss on said:

    Hey Scotty, Thanks for the input. Also will firmer shifts in the auto trans make it last longer or hurt longevity?

  8. scottykilmer on said:

    @bcoverss Yes, if you have the software to upload, realize it’s pretty complex stuff. Scotty Kilmer

  9. kalanimartin13 on said:

    The older toyotas keep codes in flash memory using the check engine light to give you coding information.

  10. scottykilmer on said:

    Yes, that car is one year too old, 96 went to OBD II. For yours, you would need an OBD I scanner, so search the web for an old used one you can get cheap. They originally cost a lot, but being that old you might find a discount one now. Scotty Kilmer

  11. kaddex2005 on said:

    I have a 1995 toyota camery so I guess this video doesnt apply to me huh. How can I check for my engine problems??

  12. 64tbird390 on said:

    yea………no its not hard to see bad waves, and my solus dont show good waves, oh yea neither did our mentor. so your point is????????????????

  13. scottykilmer on said:

    No, au contraire, you are the idiot who doesn’t know anything about cars. But anyone can learn, if they want to read a little and do some studying. Nothing good ever comes easy. Scotty Kilmer

  14. 93sundance on said:

    Theres a record function you can use to play it back to find out whats wrong. Yeah Ok how do you know whats wrong by looking at data if you have no idea what good data is suppose to be, this guys an idiot.

  15. scottykilmer on said:

    I’m a BIG believe in pc based software like this auto enginuity. it does more, is easy to use, and blows away stand alone tools you’re going to buy ( I doubt you want to invest four to six grand in a good stand alone like Modis.) Scotty Kilmer

  16. rjh1217 on said:

    Scotty, in your opinion, are there any advantages in using a stand-alone scan tool vs using pc based scan tool software? Ive decided Id finally like to invest in a scan tool, but Im alittle leery about buying any of the stand alone units that are aimed at the DIY market. It seems people are saying updates for these units can be spotty. Scan tool software seems a better alternative. Your opinion please?

  17. scottykilmer on said:

    Use mass air flow sensor cleaner. They sell it at any decent auto parts store. Scotty Kilmer

  18. daymkimchee on said:

    yea thats what i was thinking what do you recomend to use to clean t the maf sensor without dammaging it.

  19. scottykilmer on said:

    No, you can check some of those systems with it, but it doesn’t change any of the basic software. As for the leanness, on those vehicles it’s almost always a bad or dirty mass air flow sensor. IF you understood what normal air flow sensor data is, you can read it live with this system and see if it’s off or not. Scotty Kilmer

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