Virus threats have been increasing with the growing use of technology. Your computer is troubled with a new virus threat almost on a daily basis. When your computer gets infected with these viruses, it is not an easy task to get rid of them.

We can get your computer up and running again by removing viruses and spyware.

Manually fixing these errors is difficult because any failure during the procedure can lead to loss of data. Kompufix with their experienced service pros technicians will help you out to fix your virus problem within minutes.
With our help you can remove viruses, spyware and other security threats from your system. We offer quick support to install, download, set up and configure various antispyware on your system. Our antivirus services include:
  • Free virus scan and anti-virus and compatible antispyware software installation
  • Firewall configuration and security settings
  • Spyware, virus (Trojans, Worms, etc), malware and adware removal
  • Schedule automated tasks for virus scanning, detection and removal
  • A routine computer security check to have an update on latest threats
  • Reporting and awaringyou about corrupt websites
  • Advanced virus removal techniques to protect your computer

While there may be signs your computer has a virus (slow performance, unable to launch programs, etc.), the only way to know for sure is to have your computer scanned for viruses.

Let Kompufix help you remove any spyware, malware, or virus today!

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