Kompufix can recommend, order, install and configure software for your computer or business.  We can remove unwanted software or trilaware software.

From video games to spreadsheets, we will get any software ready to go for you.

Here are some examples of recent installations we’ve done that could be of use to others are:

  • Antivirus like AVG, Malware Bytes, Norton Internet Security or Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Productivity Suites like Microsoft Office 2012 or Adobe CS5 , Illustrator
  • Financial Suites like QuickBooks or PeachTree
  • Apple software like Parallels for running Windows programs
  • Backup software like Norton Ghost or Windows 7 Backup
  • We check and ensure compatibility of the software with your computer’s operating system before ordering or attempting to install it. This guarantees full functionality on your computer, and ensures you should have no issue when using it. And of course we are only a phone call away if you come across anything unexpected.

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