$99 FLAT Fee Repair (1 year Guarantee)

Kompufix Team has taken the stress out of getting support for your PC. With just ONE visit and an internet connection, Kompufix Team saves you time, hassle, headaches, and money by providing you with FREE tech support anytime you need it (365X24X7). You don’t have to pay $100s of dollars to our computer repair specialist, everytime you have computer repair issues. Our 1 year service guarantee, will fix it regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious.

So the next time you have a computer issue and you’re ready to throw your monitor out the window out of frustration, take a deep breath and know that there are solutions that can get you out of your predicament.


$99 Small Business (LAPTOP or DESKTOP)

iconWhy Pay “The Geeks” More? Our customers NEVER PAY a diagnostic fee.

$99 Residential Home/Biz (LAPTOP or DESKTOP)

iconWhy pay those outrageous prices to a big box chain that will have some high-school geek with no formal training.