This Fair Use Policy applies to makeREPAIR™. It allows us to offer generous unlimited phone, email and remote support for a low cost for customers who make a normal amount of usage of the service. To do this we have to restrict people who use the service excessively.

To ensure the enjoyment and availability of makeREPAIR™ to all our eligible customers, we have introduced this policy to make sure everyone gets a fair-go. We have designed makeREPAIR™ to be generous, but we do not want it to be abused.

If we think your account shows an excessive usage, we may refuse you access to makeREPAIR™.

To ensure we do not unreasonably restrict our customers, these steps will be followed if we consider an account to be showing excessive use:

Month 1: Kompufix® may contact individual customers identified as exceeding three (3) times the average usage of all makeREPAIR™ customers, to discuss their usage requirements. Where a peak in usage occurs but is not expected to continue, no alternative arrangements are necessary.
Month 2: If the excessive usage continues in a second month, a second contact may be made to discuss an alternative plan.
Month 3: If the excessive usage continues into the third month, the customer may be informed that makeREPAIR™ will no longer be available to them.

Excessive Use
For the purposes of this fair use policy, excessive use is a continuing and unreasonably disproportionate use of the service when compared to other users. In the case of  makeREPAIR™, remote/phone/email support use in excess of three (3) times the average usage of all makeREPAIR™ customers on the same plan is considered excessive use.

Unreasonable Use
We consider your use of makeREPAIR™ to be Unreasonable Use if your use of makeREPAIR™ is considered fraudulent by Kompufix® or to adversely affect another customer’s use of makeREPAIR™.

Where we consider your use of makeREPAIR™ unlimited phone/remote/email support to be Unreasonable Use or that your use does not comply with the Subscription Terms & Conditions, then we may suspend your access to makeREPAIR™ immediately, without notice to you.